Enterprise idea


Corporate mission:beyond the self, creating value
Enterprise vision:continuous development, continuous innovation, customer satisfaction, employee pride, one of the most outstanding enterprises
Enterprise core values:integrity, unity, innovation, and pragmatic
Scientific Outlook on Development to guide the overall situation, adhere to the customer first, employees second, third shareholders, the realization of corporate culture management, external promotion


3-5 year plan guiding ideology

Steady development:improve the basic construction of the whole industry chain, expand trade, finance, culture, sports and other industries, the acquisition of new industries listed companies, improve profit margins and achieve steady growth in assets.
Employee pride:the combination of home culture and professional culture, improve employee satisfaction, to provide business platform to enhance the brand in Kunlun.

Improve the team:The implementation of equity incentive and set up team, train and introduce the character and ability of excellent occupation team.
Overall direction of 3-5 planning

Development goal

To 2018, the annual output value is expected to reach 80 billion yuan, ranking the top 200 enterprises to enter the country.

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