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Kunlun Chinese holding a list of "2015 top 500 private enterprises"

In 2015 Chinese enterprise 500 list for August 22nd announced, Zhejiang Kunlun holdings to 30 billion 100 million yuan in sales, among the 2015 list of 409th, this is the China business association, Entrepreneurs Association Chinese was first released in 2002 "China top 500 enterprises list, Kunlun holding group for seven times in the main list. This marks the Kunlun holdings in the country's large companies, the ranks of the ranks of the group further solid, corporate value and comprehensive strength in the country to get authoritative show again. "Chinese list of top 500 enterprises selected is the enterprise financial statements as the basis, through a comprehensive assessment of sales income, net profit, total assets, R & D expenses, total tax and corporate mergers and acquisitions and independent intellectual property rights and other indicators. The spirit of the Kunlun Holding Group adhere to maintaining stability, steady "reform and innovation, 2014 calm in the face of complex domestic and international economic situation and the arduous task of reform development and stability, and actively adjust business strategy, expand market share, and carry out the cost reduction, improve enterprise efficiency, continued to focus on health, improve the quality of development, to achieve production management, quality of development, comprehensive strength and brand image steadily. In the core competitiveness of the industry chain business sector, sustainable development capacity was significantly enhanced. List of top 500 Chinese enterprises, the award has become a Kunlun holding in the country and even the world to measure the influence of commercial enterprises, the size and strength of the authoritative reference.

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