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Holding group president Ye Jian was named "2007 China worthy of respect of the real estate outstanding figures"


2007 China model of community development Greentown Emerald City, China Zhejiang Guangsha tianducheng apartments, Silver Horse

2007 Chinese respected real estate brands: construction real estate group, Tianyang home, West Lake real estate, real estate group, China real estate group, Huadu Holdings Group, green holding group

In November 24th, the domestic real estate sector in the year 2007 the first National Award "honorary Chinese estate list announced a grand Orient Guest House in Guangzhou, 30 national mainstream media and more than and 100 well-known real estate business representatives gathered to attend the ceremony and forum.

"Hangzhou phenomenon" has again become a national real estate awards hot issues, Hangzhou Corps won 11 awards, and Guangzhou, Chongqing and Shenzhen become the most award-winning City, Zhejiang Kunlun Holding Group Limited company president Ye Jian and Guangzhou bodied estate chairman Li Sze Lim and other 16 entrepreneurs together was named "2007 Chinese worth respect the real estate elite"; the Emerald City, Silver Horse apartment, tianducheng 3 projects in Hangzhou and Guangzhou, Paul fragrant snow, Xinghewan together was named "model of community" Chinese 2007, construction real estate group, Tianyang home, West Lake real estate, real estate group, real estate group, China China Holdings Group, green holding group and other 7 Hangzhou housing prices, and real estate, Hopson, Poly Real estate, Hengda Real Estate together was named "2007 China worthy of respect Respect the real estate brand enterprises".

This is the fourth China estate honor awards event, jointly established by the Hangzhou daily and Guangzhou daily, Shenzhen daily, Liberation Daily, 30 domestic mainstream media "Chinese mainstream media real estate alliance held. "Chinese mainstream media real estate Union" was founded in 2004, aims to promote the sustained and healthy development of China's real estate industry. Since inception, each year to promote community hundreds of top real estate brands in all regions of the country, and show the model of community influential regions and promote the figure of outstanding regional industries. The activities were elected by key city across the country's mainstream media alliance, is no longer a single media statements of a school more justice, and authority.

The winners of the awards, which have been very familiar with the people of Hangzhou Xinghewan, also the Olympic Park real estate, decimating real estate, poly, the golden sea, famous overseas real estate speculators, these are the mainstream developers active in the national first tier and second tier city, with outstanding performance to become the year's most respected real estate the brand, to create a model of the effect of community Chinese, but also the achievements of the most respected figures in the real estate, to build 2007 annual China estate landmark.

Hangzhou is known as an earthly paradise again attract developers across the country in vision, awards banquet, media representatives and developers bluntly, Hangzhou real estate is also a name card. Beijing celebrities, Southern China famous dish, the Yangtze River Delta is famous, and the real estate enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta is the most representative of the Hangzhou group of developers.

Kunlun holding group president Ye Jian was named "2007 Chinese respected real estate elite", Ye Jian ruled the Kunlun home of the past few years, not only the formation of tourism real estate is now renamed the Kunlun real estate group, and strive for further improvement in the development of quality and brand awareness, and cross national March step forward to Chinese well-known housing prices.

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