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Kunlun Center Project Department Party group was named the 2015 Hangzhou construction site advanced grassroots party organizations

Kunlun Center Project (hang Zheng Chu (2013) No. 104 plots commercial housing) is located in Hangzhou Qianjiang New City Fuchun road and Wangjiang Road intersection, the construction unit of the Hangzhou kunrun Real Estate Development Company Limited, the construction unit of the Zhejiang Kunlun construction group Limited by Share Ltd, the total construction area of 50 thousand square meters, up 18 floor, 2 floors underground. The project Department of the Party group was founded in March 9, 2015, belonging to the Kunlun party building under the Kunlun branch of a party, by the technical director Zhu all Party group leader, the Party group has 5 members, including 3 members of a migrant workers. Since its inception, the project party building work has been the project as a starting point, the requirements of each party members play a vanguard and exemplary role, based on the post, innovation and excellence, and actively work for the smooth progress of the project.
       First, build a position, create an atmosphere
       The project team to establish and improve the party building work site series system, the establishment of the site construction work accounting, seriously relevant records site meeting of Party organizations, and learning activities; making system of signs, establishing party commitment publicity system, organization system, "three class" system, learning activities display system, set up the party with a book corner, the constitution of the party, Party members, Party members to study counseling books, reading party branch activities manual party history books and safe production technology, production safety laws and regulations, legal workers and other books, build a warm red cottage main array, promote red culture, create a party atmosphere; Project Department of the Party group also issued "to the workers party mobile party members in Hangzhou city construction site registration certificate", let them in the project feel the sense of belonging.
       Two, strengthen education, improve the quality of
       Project Department of the Party group held by organizational life, activities, party affairs talk the way of learning education theory guidance to enhance party spirit, play the role of benchmarking; guide Jiannuo party commitment, in the service of engineering quality and safety, promote the progress of the project, improve construction team cohesion and other aspects of "light status, raise quality, for example"; through billboards, learning garden, websites and other platforms and carriers to strengthen the study and education of the party members, the organization of Party members to participate in the city construction flow of Party building history knowledge contest; through the party lead the implementation of mentoring, coaching, training and coaching of young employees, the project department three migrant workers Party members are technical experts, each party members respectively with migrant workers two to three disciples, use the time to rest, to explain their construction technique, hands-on guide site construction, engineering In combination, the work of teaching technology, in life care, mutual care.
       Three, around the project, service construction
       Kunlun center project started in February 9, 2015, to cooperate with the government construction of Metro Line No. 4 Fuchun Road, Qianjiang new headquarters along the project to complete the construction of the main basement in June 30, 2015 before the tight schedule, the task is heavy, and the rainy season unfavorable grab basement foundation, grab the end of June 30th plus or minus zero is not an easy thing. The owner called construction and supervision units and the following teams were held responsible for on-site progress will be required within the prescribed period of time to complete the quality and quantity, and the construction of the basement, the most important task is the reinforcement team, pioneer team is carpentry, woodworking work can not be completed in time, the team will be dragged, the overall progress will be back drag. Project department is responsible for the first time to find three migrant workers Party members: Mao Weidong, in charge of reinforced reinforced material under the class monitor Chen Yinhe carpenter class Huang Yuqing, asking them to lead the team to complete the task on time. They said nothing to Huang Yuqing, arrange 80 people divided into four groups, two shifts, while more than more than 1 thousand people working overtime at night; Mao Weidong and Chen Yin to steel class brothers will be described, at night to work overtime, for the valuable time for the project construction, the construction of the basement, to be completed in June 28th, migrant workers Party members in the team. And the project department's prestige is higher.
       Four, difficult and dangerous heavy, demonstration lead
       In July 10, 2015, due to the influence of chan-hom typhoon ", according to the quality requirements of Shangcheng district security station, all the staff should be transferred to the site Project Department Safety shelter Kaiyuan school indoor stadium. Three migrant workers Party members stand up first, rolled up his blanket and lead us to transfer. To shelter all settled, they decided to split up, back to the site and stationed at the scene to maintain order. Because there are three other workers in the field, Mao Weidong led a team of workers to help community workers to help the community to help maintain the scene order, to help the project department to issue workers living necessities. Typhoon night increase, site of the temporary color steel plate walls are blown over on the sidewalk, the site staff on duty is not enough, Chen Yin also called on a few disciples with the project management staff braved heavy rain will blow down the walls with steel reinforcement and restoration. July 12th everyone moved back to the site, the workers led the team members to assist community management staff to do a good job in the field of garbage clean-up.
       In December 2015, for the best next year G20 summit security work, further build "beautiful Hangzhou" construction of the "two Zhejiang" demonstration zone, standardized safety and civilized construction standards, the participation of all parties to mobilize and re implement, deploy, Shangcheng District Housing Construction Bureau decided to convene a construction site safety and civilized construction management site mobilization in the center of Kunlun project. Project Department of the party members took her brother after work time maneuvers site, build the podium, and actively participate in the preparatory work.
       In summary, the Kunlun Center Project Department of the party building work effectively promoted the construction, project quality, safety and civilized construction management advanced, market behavior, no illegal records, no quality safety accidents, no other labor disputes and other adverse events Affect the problem. December 17, the city's construction site on the city's civilized construction safety mobilization conference in Kunlun Center grand opening of the project, the district government, the Municipal Construction Committee, the District Housing and Urban Construction Bureau, District Quality Supervision Station, District Urban Management Office leadership and from The region's construction and supervision of business executives a total of more than 200 people attended the meeting, the meeting organized to observe the study site, the Kunlun Center project at the General Assembly introduced the civilized construction safety and construction site management experience, by the meeting affirmed and praised.


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