Talent idea

Human Resource Management Concept


To "De, Ji" as the standard. Which adhere to the character first, personnel performance evaluation standards for the appointment by the competent, light let, Yongzhe, and actively provide staff promotion channel and promotion of space.


People oriented, sincere attention to the needs of employees, the establishment of a training system with the characteristics of Kunlun, to provide superior conditions for the development of staff, to achieve the overall development of the people.


Respect for each employee's contribution to the performance and potential of the comprehensive evaluation of talent. To build a platform for fair competition through employee promotion system and performance management system.


A material to keep people, keep people, keep people cause emotional combination of material incentive and cultural incentive and policy; adhere to the priority of efficiency and fairness in the allocation principle, vigorously promote the dedication, innovation and culture at the same time to provide excellent employee material benefits and better development space, and actively explore effective incentive mechanism to achieve. Common development of employees and enterprises.

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