Material Trading


Material Trade Group was founded in 1983, and is one wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Kunlun Construction Group Co., Ltd. The Company mainly trades in building materials, main business is circulation of steel products, it is one of first batch of class-I authorized dealer stationed in Hangzhou for Jiangsu Shagang Group, and it also owns dealership for more than 10 large and medium steel works in China. Its sale amount in recent five years has reached RMB6 billion, the mean annual growth is 50%, real goods supply quantity is more than 1,000,000T. Its market covers more than 10 large, medium and small cities in China; it is one circulating enterprise of metallic material agency with fairly larger operation scale in Hangzhou. The market just expands from Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province to other provinces, such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Anhui and so on. The Company owns certain market radiating force and influence, and owns stable resource channels in China.

Since reform and opening, the Material Trade Group persists in enterprise reform, insists in the main business of circulation firmly, persists in improving quality without relaxation, makes efforts and progress and continuously exploits. The Company has been keeping the fast and stable development state.

The Material Trade Group has been granted with the honorable title of “satisfactory and recommended product of engineering construction in Zhejiang Province” by Zhejiang Provincial Construction Material Management Association for several times. In accordance with the Credit Rating Specification for the Credit Market and Inter-bank Bond Market promulgated by the People’s Bank of China, the Company is almost evaluated to be one “AAA credit rating” unit by Hangzhou Credit Evaluation Company every year based on comprehensive evaluation toward basic quality, economic strength, debt paying ability, operation efficiency, development prospect and so on. In 2010, the Company conducted close cooperation with Jiangsu Shagang Group during distribution of “Shagang” brand product series, market development benefit was significant, and the Company was granted with the honorable title of “excellent building material dealer of Shagang Group in 2012”.

Presently, the Company has taken up foreign trade, mainly takes up import and export of metallic material (copper), the annual sales amount is RMB2 billion. The Company just develops to be one more perfect material trade company with larger scale.

Presently, the existing employees of the Company own abundant and professional circulation operation knowledge and capacity; all of members of senior management team of the Company are senior professionals of circulation industry, and they have taken up practice of circulation of production material for a long time; it conducts computer network and network management for the main business flow, financial management, comprehensive control of the Company, and the Company further makes efforts for ERP building.

Presently, taking the prospect of “one-hundred-year enterprise” of the Group as the goal and abiding by the entirely-new operation concept and management philosophy, the Company just forges new operation development strategy, overall management leadership strategy and talent fostering strategy and seeks new ideals of the people of Zhejiang Kunlun Group.



The company has opened international trade, firmly grasp China's accession to the WTO and the global economic integration opportunities, broaden the trade area, optimize the trade structure, tap the new growth point of trade and promote trade balance. Relying on the Group's strong scale of capital and other aspects of the advantages of talent background, make full use of domestic and foreign resources, two markets, with foreign trade, import and export, domestic trade and foreign trade balanced development, and the United States, Europe, Australia and other places International companies have established a pan-depth trade cooperation, the company become an important part of the international supply chain, and promote cooperation in emerging industries, in accordance with the principle of complementarity, mutual benefit and win-win situation, enhance the international competitiveness of the group.


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