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Zhejiang Kunlun Commercial Investment Management Group Co., Ltd. is one of the “troika” of Kunlun Properties, the enterprise has registered capital of RMB 120 million and the company mainly engages in the operations of three sectors: investment and development of commercial real estates, operation and management of commercial real estates, capital equity operation of commercial real estates, as well as the operation and management of the long-term investments and real estates under Kunlun Holdings. The company relies on the all-industry chain of Kunlun Holdings, sets foothold in Yangtze Delta Region, Circum-Bohai-Sea Economic Region and other cities with potential, explores business districts of new towns, and builds regional-type commercial real estates.

With excellent management team, strong fund strength, sound dynamic strategic management system, Kunlun Commercial Investment Management Co., Ltd. has attracted strategic partners, brand commerce enterprises, industry organizations at home and abroad to conduct cooperation; it originates the “living room” business mode to lead the development of the 5th generation commercial property. Such two commercial brands as Kunlun Plaza and Kunlun Center subject to the Company will cover important cities in Changjiang River Delta and Central China in following five years. In 2012, Kunlun commercial property was evaluated as one of “top-six of commercial properties in China” by China Real Estate Industry Association.



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