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In 2015, Kunlun Holding Group expanded its business scope and diversified investment to sports industry, established Kunlun Sports Company, considering the situation, investing to buy professional clubs at home and abroad, prepared to organize Kunlun’s own professional teams(like football, basketball, badminton and Go, etc). The main projects include six parts, competition(Marathon, rowing, etc) operation, facility operation, reservation and property management, sports specific training, sports field investment and construction, fitness club & sports medicine hospital construction as well as public sports promotion.

Undertaking and operating Marathons is a major breakthrough in marching toward sports industry. In the advancing future, the company will run the city marathon and off-road mountain marathon in more than 10 cities around China, which indicates the importance of deep developing sports industry and business in sub-fields like game operation, facility operation, sports lotteries and so on.In the aspect of sports Internet, Kunlun Sports will set up application systems for the public and serve for competition registration and stadium reservation. By means of constructing sports Internet platform, the company creates B2C extending consumption from sports service, training, tourism and derivative products.

On the strategic layout, Kunlun Sports will carry out sports venue design, construction and operation as key business. Kunlun Property will provide professional venue property management service, which allows citizens to enjoy sweet and comfortable service when they are doing exercises, and also further improves company’s industrial distribution.In 2022, Hangzhou will undertake the Asian Games for the first time, Kunlun Sports will grab the historic chance, invest in sports industrial distribution, actively involve in sports construction, and contribute in running the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022.

We believe that Kunlun Sports Company will inherit the core value of integrity, unity, innovation and practicality from the Kunlun Holding Group, fully demonstrate Kunlun Men’s toughness, braveness, and try to build a model innovated and sports-operation integrated enterprise.



Zhejiang Kunlun Sports Development Co., Ltd. is a mixed-type company established by Hangzhou Sports Development Group and Shanghai Hengkun Sports Development Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Kunlun Holding Group wholly-owned subsidiary). Mixed system is a new form of government-enterprise cooperation promoted by the government. Compared to the traditional government units or enterprises, the mixed system companies can give full play to their respective advantages, and promote the development of sports industry in Hangzhou has its unique advanced nature.

Hybrid companies can be more flexible and efficient operation of the event, compared to the general business, hybrid companies can more effectively practice the Hangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau of the principles and policies, strictly abide by the rules and regulations to promote the standardization of the sports industry . As a window leading to the sports industry market, the mixed system company can serve as a reform pilot of the Sports Development Group in the aspects of stadium operation, sports training, lottery management, etc., reduce costs, promote marketization of sports industry, and more accurate Perceive market demand, and continuously adjust and continuously enrich the sports products and services, and constantly improve the market mechanism to stimulate consumer demand, and further promote other industries and economic development.

The new hybrid system will be in the future operation of the event, venue operations, sports training, sports lottery sales and other aspects of work, and actively serve the Asian Games, practice the city's policies, The comprehensive development of the industry.

Zhejiang Kunlun Sports Development Co., Ltd. is an important part of the sports industry. It is planned to host the Westlake International Women's Half Marathon and build the event brand. At the same time, it will also expand to other projects and actively carry out bicycle, boat racing challenge, ironman, dragon boat and other competitions, host the Hangzhou Games, Operators. Second, the Zhejiang Kunlun Sports Development Co., Ltd. will undertake the operation and management of the six major sports venues in Hangzhou, build a new service model venues, open up the primary and secondary school venues. At the same time, relying on the venues resources, the introduction of systematic, sub-time, multi-ladder of professional sports training, and simultaneously youth football, basketball, badminton, swimming and other sports training project, cultural education and sports perfect combination. In addition, Zhejiang Kunlun Sports Development Co., Ltd. will also be involved in lottery business, with the Sports Bureau to develop lottery sales channels. 2022 Hangzhou will host the 19th Asian Games, Zhejiang Kunlun Sports Development Co., Ltd. will actively participate in the Asian Games in the promotion of investment promotion and warm-up match, fully cooperate with the Hangzhou Municipal Government, Municipal Sports Bureau to complete the Asian Games advertising for the Asian Games The success of organized contributions to their own strength.

In the sports industry under the outlet, Zhejiang Kunlun Sports Development Co., Ltd. will practice the Kunlun Group integrity, unity, innovation and pragmatic core values, with tenacious spirit and courageously forward, to create the Kunlun sports industry chain for me City sports industry to make its own contribution to the development.

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