Relying on the Kunlun group's own funds and real estate derivatives industry, Kunlun Industry Investment Fund mainly focus on education, culture, health care, and new Internet service industries. With the Group’s own resources, it provides financial, entrepreneurial team law, business operations and other aspects of the support, and provide fresh blood for the Kunlun group in the strategy. The company is currently in the operation of the project including adults’ and children's training institutions, the overall transformation of property and business operations, structured investment in cultural industries. The investment structure is of diversification and high flexibility, It played a key role in the management and expansion of the team and will support the new business and new profit outbreak. At the same time, Kunlun Investment Fund have maintained a good strategic partnership with the well-known fund in the industry, broke through many original mode in the project investment and resources grafting and played a role of a win-win.

Kunlun venture fund concerned about the chain of adult English training brand in 2015, K12 education chain enterprises Industry, overseas accommodation and ancillary services, medical and dental manufacturing technology companies, Internet software App companies, the new brand companies of traditional consumer goods, second-hand car online and offline service companies, second-hand car innovative insurance companies, creative IP and social software companies, old building renovation and operation service companies and a number of projects, and established a good cooperation relationship with domestic funds and finance team in the integration of business resources, effective use of the group itself has made great pioneering innovation advantage, and create a fund in all sectors of the advisory system, for the development of all-round and lay the foundation.

In 2017, the fund will further develop the development front end of the project, and introduce more new funds for the fund fueled the development. At the same time, the original management goals in education and medical field depth development work, the formation of industrial linkage of investment.In the future development direction, Kunlun investment uphold the principle of sincerity and professionalism, and will be in the industry to support and nurture the industry leader!



Zhejiang Kuntai Asset Management Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Kunlun Holding Group Co., Ltd.. It is a company specializing in securities, futures and investment institutions specializing in the field of equity investment (Sun private fund), and has conducted the "Administrator" private equity fund registration in China securities investment fund industry association.

The company was established, based on a “steady, service, innovation” business philosophy; It's market-oriented and its main aim is to correspond to the interests of the customers; The implementation of strict risk control and flexible operation strategy works on the increasement of the customers' investment income to the maximum. Company with open and positive spirits has brought together a combination of the experienced, secured investment transactions, financial assets management of the elite and great experience, gained on the marketing field throughout the years, which can provide more profound understanding of the market, its trends and form a stable high level investment strategy. The major priority of the Zhejiang Kuntai Asset Management Company is the internal growth and the values of the benefits of the market in China; It relies on the vast Chinese mainstream research platform for the analysis, cooperates with professional research institutions. Its main aim is to strive to occupy the leading position in the domestic mainstream investment trends, to reflect the steady growth in the investment efficiency advantage, creating excess value for customers. Along with the development of capital market, securities market is facing reformation which gives more unprecedented development and opportunities concentrated on providing high value of services for investors which helps the investors to realize the rapid growth of the income and benefits.



Zhejiang Dingxin Non-financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2005, it is one professional credit guaranty company established by all of investment of Kunlun Group. Its registered capital is RMB100 million. Dingxin Guarantee Company is the equity holding and capital operation platform for non-core industry of Kunlun Group. The capital strength and business scale of the Company rank the leading place in Zhejiang Province.

Dingxin Guarantee Company abides by the corporate spirit of “united, good faith, practical and innovative” of Kunlun Group, focuses on building engineering guarantee in business development, tries to dissolve potential fund risk in project contract and construction, realizes the rational, equal and harmonious cooperation mode between the employer, construction contractor, bank and guarantee organization. In addition, Dingxin Guarantee Company actively expands such financing services as enterprise merge, project financing, bridge load, entrusted financing and so on for real estate, infrastructure operation fields and so on, addresses itself to creating values for clients successfully, realizing its own fast and sound development.



The main sponsor of Hangzhou West Lake District Kunlun Small Loan Co., Ltd. is Zhejiang Kunlun Holding Group Co., Ltd., and the Company was approved by Zhejiang Provincial Financial Office on 16th October, 2009 and it is one new-type local financial service organization. Its registered capital is RMB200 million. The Company takes supporting agriculture and small business as the service tenet and service orientation for its own development, persists in the operation concepts of “close combination of small amount, disperse, innovation and stable operation”. In 2013, the Company was evaluated to be one excellent small loan company by the department in charge.

The Company mainly provides different small loans for small and medium-sized enterprises (micro-business), “agriculture, farmer and rural”, small business of industry and commerce, contract operator, business founder and general natural person. The loan business procedure of the Company is simple and fast, loan guarantee mechanism is flexible, mortgage and pledge scope is wide, and the Company can provide face-to-face consultant financial loan granting service, it can fast solve small and medium amount and temporary fund demands during production and operation of “agriculture, farmer and rural” and small and medium-sized enterprises (micro-business), and it can provide high-quality and high-efficiency service for clients.


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