Qikun Education


Shanghai Kai Education Investment Co., Ltd. official website:http://www.qikunedu.com/

QiKun Education company is based on KunLun holding group which is one of China top 500 enterprises, focusing on the development of education industry and innovation. On the strong financial support of kunlun holding group company , it will be based on the development of Yangtze river delta as the center, and completed hundreds of adults, and young children learning development work. On the KunLun holdings powerful resources support, in cooperation with local governments to carry out the middle school,  international primary school of the PPP projects, will make QiKun education into a first-class famous education brand.

QiKun Education has the international first-class education expert team and with international qualifications of Chinese and foreign teachers, introducing advanced international education concept and education system of China, hope to provide high quality education resources into China.With the complete education, cultivate competition and the development of international talents to adapt to the modern society.


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