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Zhejiang Kunlun Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) was founded in 1959 in Hangzhou, the third construction company. After several generations of arduous pioneering and unremitting efforts, the company from small to large, from weak to strong, and gradually grow and develop. The company registered capital of 1 billion yuan, the bank credit rating AAA level, the construction industry in Zhejiang Province, vice president of the Association unit, the Hangzhou Construction Industry Association unit, the first batch of key construction enterprises in Zhejiang Province, the first batch of Zhejiang Province Construction enterprises, Hangzhou construction system of leading enterprises, construction output value of more than 10 years in Hangzhou municipal construction enterprises first. January 23, 2013, the company successfully listed in Zhejiang Equity Trading Center (Kunlun Construction, code 50039).

The company has the construction project general contracting qualification, engineering design qualification, municipal engineering general contractor qualification and mechanical and electrical equipment installation, building decoration, foundation construction, fire facilities engineering and other professional contracting Yiji qualification; with foreign engineering contracting Qualifications, can contract various types of overseas engineering business and the territory of the international tender business; with provincial-level enterprise technology center. Company administered three construction companies, two specialized construction companies, six regional companies, operating geographical distribution throughout the country, the amount of business over 10 billion yuan. In December 2014, the company is qualified as the first engineering general contracting pilot enterprise by virtue of its qualification, achievement and comprehensive strength. The company is now fully engaged in the project general contracting, PPP in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Taizhou, Hangzhou , Huzhou, Taizhou, Wenzhou and other areas of the EPC implementation of the project, expand project management and project supervision, to seize the high-end market, to achieve the depth and breadth of development.

The company adhere to the quality of Societe Generale, in recent years, hit the Luban Award, Zhan Tianyou Civil Engineering Award, the National Quality Engineering Award, the National Healthy Demonstration Project, the National Municipal Gold Award, the National Outstanding Decoration Award, the National Star of installation, the National Customer Satisfaction Project In the daily project quality management, the QC group activities as an important part of total quality management, has been continuous (such as the United States, Japan and other countries, It has won the title of "Excellent Quality Management Team" at the national, provincial and municipal level for many years. It has also passed the quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety management integration management system certification in Hangzhou.

Companies pay attention to scientific and technological progress, and always adhere to the science and technology enterprises, enterprises and enterprises as the basic strategy of increasing investment in scientific research, and continuously improve their comprehensive construction capacity and technical level in the industrial and civil construction projects has accumulated rich It has a number of national, provincial and ministerial level engineering methods and 14 national patents related to engineering construction. It has participated in the preparation of a number of industry and local standards.

The company attaches importance to enterprise information construction. The company's information system covers business management, project management, financial management, human resources management and daily office management and other aspects, and promote enterprise information exchange, resource sharing and management optimization, and effectively improve the enterprise management level and efficiency.

As a result of outstanding work performance and good social reputation, the company has won the national construction advanced enterprises, the outstanding construction enterprises, the competitiveness of China's construction industry two hundred enterprises, the leading construction enterprises in China, the Ministry of Construction, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou "AAA" enterprise, the national construction industry AAA credit enterprise, Zhejiang Province building strong enterprises, advanced construction enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, "the contract, the word" unit, Zhejiang Province Enterprise Credit "AAA" level units, the integrity of the construction industry in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, the focus of advanced engineering enterprises, advanced production safety unit in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, double red flag units, Hangzhou local revenue contribution, Hangzhou tax (fee) Hangzhou City, a comprehensive management model unit, such as a number of honorary title, has won wide praise from all sectors of society, established industry-leading position for enterprises to develop a broad space for development, build a good public environment, sublimation of the "Kunlun building" Promote the development of enterprises continue to grow, but also for local economic development and make due contributions.

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Wuyi County Power Supply Bureau Electric Power Dispatching Center is located in Beili New District, Wuyi County, Jinhua City, which is known as "the land of fluorite and hot spring". It is a power-dispatching building with advanced design, complete functions and fine construction. , Life and education in one. The total construction area of 31859.7 square meters, by the power of the main building, living facilities, education and cultural building through the corridor around the lake and built one, so that the district is surrounded by landscaped courtyard landscape.

In 2013, Wuyi County Power Supply Bureau power dispatching center won the national construction project quality highest award - China Construction Engineering Luban Award.


Zhejiang Tengfei Engineering Construction Supervision Co., Ltd. is one social professional engineering construction supervision organization that has passed qualification audit and was approved by the Ministry of Construction, and it was founded in 1997. The Company owns such qualifications as grade-A qualification for building construction engineering, grade-A supervision qualification for municipal public works, grade-B supervision qualification for mechanical and electrical installation works, grade-B supervision qualification for people’s air-defense project and so on. The Company is one member of Zhejiang Association of Building Industry, Zhejiang Association of Engineering Consultants, Hangzhou Association of Engineering Consultants; it owns fine enterprise reputation and social reputation.

Presently, the Company owns more than 300 employees, including 35 senior engineers, more than 120 engineers, 45 National registered supervision engineers, 6 National registered cost engineers, 85 Provincial registered supervision engineers. Personnel structure is reasonable, professional supporting facilities are complete. The Company owns abundant professional knowledge and practical experiences, and can provide overall and entire-process supervision service for different projects.

Since its establishment, the Company has been addressing itself to becoming one brand project management company with public trust in the industry. The Company has supervised more than 600 projects in this Province and other provinces, supervised area is more than 20,000,000m2, cost of supervised projects is more than RMB 20 billion. The company has received the titles of 4 national-level high-quality projects, 8 provincial-level high-quality projects and 30 municipal-level high-quality projects.

Since the Company carried out business in 1997, the Company has established fairly sound scientific management system with support from different circles of the society and through strenuous work and persisting efforts of all employees. With scientific means, expertly skills and heated work attitude, the Company provides fine service for the clients, tries to make the construction project to save investment, obtain fast schedule and quality meeting requirements. Among the projects undertaken by the Company, 60% are large and medium projects. The project supervision quality has won the uniform affirmation by the local quality supervision department and clients.

The Company owns fairly complete testing equipment, measuring instruments, communication devices and traffic vehicles, photography and video-recording equipments, computer system and so on for construction supervision, technical equipments are excellent, and it can provide fairly better hardware environment for smoothly conducting project construction supervision.



Hangzhou Chuangxin Building Engineering Testing Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2003, and it is one joint stock enterprise that has independent corporate capacity and can independently undertake legal liability. The Company owns the lab special for building material testing, it can conduct testing for concrete, cement, wall material, reinforcement, steel pipe, fasteners, structure body, earthwork, energy-saving and so on, and can provide just test reports for clients.

Presently, the Company owns 15 employees, including 2 senior engineers, 4 engineers and 4 assistant engineers. The office area of the Company is about 1,000m2, the lab covers an area about 700m2. The Company owns such major testing apparatuses as one 200T pressing machine, three universal material testing machines, several concrete impermeability meters, 2T electronic universal testing machine, thermal conductivity coefficient calcimeter, door and window physical property tester, door and window thermal insulation property tester, enclosing construction heat transfer coefficient tester, external wall heat preservation system wind-pressure resistant property testing device and so on. To assure test data to be scientific, accurate and just, the Company has established quality system according to the Rules on Metrological Authentication/Audit and Ratification (Acceptance) and Review of Product Quality Testing Organization, and conducts management and control according to quality manual, procedure documents and relevant operation instructions.

Presently, the main projects under testing by the Company in Hangzhou include: Kunlun Mansion, Poly Dongwan Residence, J-03 land lot of farmer land-to-residence land of Hangyang Group, economical house of R21-08 at Changmu, economical house at Tianyuan, Dinglan Plaza, No.13 land lot at Xixili and so on.



Hangzhou Zhongli Construction Labor Service Contract Co., Ltd. was founded in November, 2003. Presently, the Company owns more than 5,000 employees, and owns one team consisting of more than 1,000 senior, intermediate and primary levels technical talents of different professions. With development for many years, the Company has accumulated abundant labor service work practice experience, it owns strong technical force. Especially with great support from Kunlun Group, scale of the Company continuously expands, comprehensive strength becomes stronger significantly. Presently, the labor service work volume of the Company is more than RMB300 million, labor service work volume has grown at the mean rate of 20% for five years consecutively, and the annual labor service work volume ranks the leading place among the labor service enterprises of building industry in Hangzhou.

Operation scale of the Company continuously expands. With the operation concept of “strengthening large market”, the Company takes Zhejiang Province as the base, achieves development all over China, exploits overseas market, stably drives regional development strategy, takes Zhujiang River Delta, Northwestern China, Southwestern China, Bohai Economic Region as the key areas for domestic market development, consolidates the original regional operation scale, expands gradually mature regions. Presently, besides Hangzhou, the Company plans to exploit market in Xi’an, Nanjing, Shandong and so on. In next five years, the percentage of business outside Zhejiang Province is planned to be more than 60%. In addition, it shall also grasp the opportunity that the domestic enterprises strengthen overseas investment, form the overseas market pattern, foster one international labor service team that has excellent quality and consists of sufficient labor force, exploit international project field.

With fine work achievement and fine social reputation, the Company has won praise from Hangzhou Municipal Construction Committee, and it is the co-organizer for “top-ten farmer worker schools” in Hangzhou City.


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