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Zhejiang Kunlun Construction Management Group Co., Ltd. specializes in real estate development management and brand output and was founded in 2012; it is one wholly-owned subsidiary of Kunlun Properties Group. It inherits the cultural concepts of Kunlun Group, exploits and innovates and conducts aggressive progress, it can provide “real estate all-industry-chain combination” project development management service for strategic cooperation companies at home and abroad. Relying on real estate development and management experiences of Kunlun Properties Group for more than 20 years of the Group, the Company integrates its industry leading advantages in such fields as real estate development and construction, commercial operation, property management and so on, integrates financial capital and industrial capital to drive project development, share the superposition effect formed by different resources, realizes value increment of capital and property with excellent management team and outstanding brand culture, demonstrates wonderful urbanization construction and becomes “a walker of new urban circle”.

Since its undertaking of the government agent construction project for the first time in 2011, Kunlun Group has taken agent construction business as one of core development goals of the strategic development of the Group Company. In 2012, Kunlun Group regulated the development strategy again, enhanced the simple real estate agent construction to be the development orientation of comprehensive construction management group integrating construction, development, investment and management. Next three years will be the period for rapid development of the entire Construction Management Group. It will be taken as the leading factor for driving comprehensive and coordinated development of different companies of the fundamental construction fields of the entire Kunlun Group to forge construction development management service with characteristics of Kunlun Group through the all-industry-chain advantage.

By the end of 2013, besides undertaking government agent construction projects through tendering, the Construction Management Group has also undertaken and developed more than 10 commercial agent construction projects, and building area of the projects under construction developed and managed by the Company has reached 20 million m2, these projects are located at such provinces as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guizhou and so on, these projects include urban complex, old city reconstruction project, social security housing project, government administration building, industrial parks and other government invested and commercial development projects. To achieve fast expansion, meet demands for brand generalization and assure project quality, Kunlun Construction Management Group absorbs building qualification and experiences of the Kunlun Properties Group for more than 20 years, divides products under construction and management into four product lines based on property attributes, namely Kunlun Center Series, Kunlun Plaza Series, Kunlun Mansion Series and Kunlun Huafu Residence Series, each product line combines with the regional characteristics and distributes in 12 provinces and over 20 cities in China.

With continuous increase of construction management scale, the Company continuously improves organizational structure, innovates the new development management mode. One development and management team that owns strong force and integrates management and technical application has formed. In 2011 and 2012, the Company was evaluated to be one of “top-10 excellent agent construction developers in Zhejiang Province” for two years consecutively. In 2013, the Company was also evaluated to be one of “top-10 excellent agent construction developers in China”.

Presently, the Company just positively extends different real estate projects in many cities, and serves the society with strong force, professional management and efficient operation of the Group.



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